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Artist : Sirasar Boonma
Release Year: 2020

This is a remixed song, incorporating one type of Molam music called "Lamploen".

This genre is influenced by one type of Laos musical style. "Lamploen" itself originated from the Northeast part of Thailand. It's fun and lively, always bringing a smile to the face of local communities.

In this song, the artist used the original Lamploen groove and twisted it into a more modern sound.

Mood: #fun #lively
Genre: World Music / Molam Music / Dance music / House music

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Covered non-commercial of entertainment or editorial content. Support any video sharing site and social media such as website, Facebook, Instagram, pilot podcast or video sharing platform.


This type of licence is excluded from any sponsored content, including monetization.

Covered any form of entertainment or editorial content. Support video sharing sites and social media such as websites, Facebook, Instagram or video sharing platforms.


Exclude any sponsored content. Monetisation allows.

Covered internal use such as business, non-profit or corporate own website and social media channels, with organic posts only.


Paid media or boosting is not allowed. This license excludes any form of advertising media use.

Covered ads such as promoting a product, service or a brand on social media platforms. With promoted and boosted posts (excluded Youtube channel). Unlimited media spend.

Covered digital ads and branded content such as promoting a brand, product or service any online platform including Youtube and publisher website. Unlimited media spend.

Suitable for a single project in entertainment, informational, or educational production such as documentary, series, episode, short, or promo use for 1 episode.


Advertising usage is not included.

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