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of Thailand

Local music ranges from traditional to modern twisted

How local tunes fulfill the story.

On The Noodle Road in Chiang Mai by TCDC Chiang Mai

Channel: Youtube

Artist: Saliping Jai Kaew Kwang youth band 

from folklore cultural learning center, Chiangmai province, Thailand

#Soundtrack #BackgroundMusic

The teaser of “Always Prepare: Living with changes” Exhibition.

Channel: Youtube

Sound source: Nature and Bangkok city ambient sound.

#FilmScore #SoundDesign

Soundscape installation at Chiang Mai Revisited Exhibition

Channel: Sound Installation

Sound source: Northern Thai dialect, temples nature, and city ambient sound

#SoundDesign #SoundScape

Le Fete De Temp: Soundscape installation represent lives behind Thai temple fair

Channel: Sound Installation

Sound source: Temple fair ambient, Thai monk sound, Fortune Sticks, Crowd 

#SoundDesign #SoundScape

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