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Elevate your story’s experience with the sound of people, place, and local music.

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Creating stories and creative works is about creating a particular experience.

To make your stories more realistic, we have ambient of local places such as nature, temples, different dialects, and music both traditional and remix types for you to fill up your idea with production standards.

Most importantly, you do not need to worry about the license as we will help you take care of it.

Show your work on various platforms.

Music licensing for
any type of digital media 

Choose tracks and contact us for more information.

Preview First

We offer a preview download to see how it fits with your creation.

Music Supervise

We also offer music supervisors to help find the best match for your media.

To make it more sustainable.

We connect the new generation to the cultural root in creative and sustainable ways. This will help prevent losing more cultural beauties.

We also share what we earn back to the original producer, mostly the indigenous people, or Hear & Found fund to support education and cultural activities purposes.

Who we synergize with?

The integration of all sectors is needed for the development of nation’s creative economy, therefore Creative Economy Agency (Public Organization) is established to support and develop creative economy, enhance the entrepreneurs, create ecosystem for the creative personnel, and create connections with wisdom, culture, and production sectors which are factors in driving the economy.

Centre for Community Cultural Development(CCCD) introduced Community Music from the United Kingdom, developed by Pete Moser, the founder of the British community music group More Music. Pete Moser has been invited to Hong Kong to hold workshops and courses many times to share his experience and train local community music instructors.


Using different community music forms, such as beat games and folk songs, people with different musical skills are empowered to experience and create their own music. Through music research, workshops, and community choir, Centre for Community Cultural Development assists participants in composing music based on their life stories, community history, and community-based public agendas. We believe in "Everyone Can Make Music."


Supported by the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust Fund, CCCD launched a three-year community music project ‘Jockey Club Community Remixing Music’ in 2018. So far, we have carried out more than 150 music sharing sessions in public spaces and workshops, moreover two large-scale performances with more than 150 music and 1,500 spectators participating.


In 2020, CCCD has organized Hong Kong's first Community Music Conference for the Asia Pacific Community Music Network. Community music educators and practitioners from international regions and shared ideas and experiences about the different aspects and issues within the Asia Pacific region. 

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